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Apple Varieties

An early yellow apple with orange blush great for eating and baking.

Another new variety from Minnesota.  A medium to   
large early season apple that is crisp and juicy
giving it a "zesty" flavor.  Great for eating and pies.

Buckeye Gala
Buckeye Gala is a variety of Imperial Gala.  It is an almost solid red color with a deep burgundy stripe.  Good apple for snacking and for baking.

This exceptional variety was developed at the
University of Minnesota .  The fruit is mostly
orange-red with a yellow background.  This crisp,
juicy apple has a rich flavor that has made it
#1 in taste panels 

Golden Delicious / Smoothee
My favorite apple for eating and cooking.
Sweet and mild.  Good for snacking for children
and excellent for pie and apple sauce.  Smoothee
is a golden delicious variety with a silky glossy finish.

Red Delicious
A Redchief variety with brilliant red color.
Good snack apple that ripens to full sweet flavor
compared to other varieties.

Cross between Jonathon and Golden Delicious.
Crisp juicy apple with a sweet tart taste.

Ruby Jon Jonathon
A dark purple red Jonathon variety.
Firm and tart....great for cooking and sauce.
Flesh has a rare red tint. 

Red Regent
Medium to large sweet juicy apple great for eating and pies.  Pleasing flavor and texture.  Popular in north central states.

Rising Sun "Fuji"
Colorful and full of flavor.   A super sweet apple
ideal for snacking.

Another new variety from the University of Minnesota.
Medium sized apple with a white flesh great for eating.

Crown Empire
Late variety that is a cross between McIntosh
and Red Delicious.  A sweet tart juicy apple with 
creamy white flesh.

Medium to large red apple with a green blush.
White flesh has a sweet tart taste.
Great for cooking and salads.

Granny Smith
Very late tart green apple for cooking.

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